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The Catholic Church
In Northern Clark County

St. Michael, Charlestown
St. Michael - 101 St. Michael Drive, Charlestown, In 47111
Ph. 812-256-3200 - Fax 775-307-6142
Office Hours – 8:30 am-1:00 pm Tues. Wed., & Fri.
St. Francis - 101 North Ferguson, Henryville, 47126
Phone - 812-294-4682 - Fax 775-307-6142
Hours - Thursday Afternoon
Sunday Mass Schedule - Sat.  - 4:30 pm St. Michael
Sun.  - 9:00 am St. Francis, 11:00 am St. Michael, 12:30 pm  St. Michael Spanish In Spanish
Reconciliation – 4:00 pm Saturday at St. Michael or call the Rectory
Marriage – Please contact the pastor a year in advance.  Advent and Lent are not times for celebrations.
Baptisms of Infants or Adults Joining the Church – Please contact the Director of Religious Education 
St. Michael–Juliann Eickholtz,  St. Francis–Kim Bandy
New To The Parish:  Please introduce yourself to the pastor at mass.  Please call the office to register, or download the
registration form at the end of this web page.
Parishioners Who Are Ill:  Please call the pastor ASAP if you, a relative, or friend is sick. 
Due to privacy laws hospitals no longer inform churches of members who are in the hopsital.

Sacramental Forms For Baptism, 1st Reconciliation, 1st Eucharist, Confirmation, and Adult Converts (RCIA)
      Baptism-Word  Baptism-PDF    
      First Reconciliation-Word  First Reconciliation-PDF
      First Eucharist-Word  First Eucharist-PDF    
      Confirmation-Word  Confirmation-PDF
      Confirmation Service Project - Word  - PDF
      RCIA Adult Converts-Word  RCIA Adult Converts-PDF
      RCIA Sponsor-Word RCIA Sponsor-PDF
Faith Formation Information & Forms
      St. Michael Faith Formation & YM-Word  St. Michael Faith Formation & YM-PDF
      St. Michael Faith Formation Calendar - Word - PDF     
      St. Francis Faith Formation - Word  St. Francis Faith Formation - PDF
      St. Francis Faith Formation Calendar - Word - PDF

St. Francis, HenryvilleSt. Michael, Charlestown
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To register in St. Francis or St. Michael choose your preferred language and file type.  You may mail your form to the office .  Or you may return it at Sunday Mass in the collection.
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St. Francis Fish Fry is Cancelled this Friday due to the Weather.

Come out and enjoy St. Francis Xavier’s Fish Fry each Friday during Lent, 5-7pm.  The menu includes fish, fries, slaw, fried biscuits, drinks & desserts.   Thanks to everyone for your support.

Knight of Columbus Fish Fry at St. Michael
Beginning the first Friday of Lent from 5:00pm-7:00pm the K of C will be having their Fish Fries.  The menu will include fried or baked cod fish, fries, mac and cheese, vegetable, dessert and drink for $8.50.  The Knights of Columbus use some of the money they make to help with maintenance and projects for the school and church buildings.  We all need to help support them by donating a dessert for the fish fries.

Dear Parishioners,
    Happy Lent!  Yes I said “happy!”  Often we think of this season in a negative light because of our being called and challenged to do penance of some sort.  Why should we have to do penance, why should we deny ourselves, didn’t God create us to be happy?  Indeed he did but if we take just a moment and think about what is going on in our country and our world we might see that God is calling to us to change – ourselves, our attitude toward others, our selfishness and self - centeredness.  The world isn’t just all about me, I’m not the center of it and this way of thinking is part of what this season is about.  Yes, God does love all of us and he created all of us to live in joy and happiness. But how can we be truly happy when we see the suffering around us?  We didn’t cause it but we are created to and challenged to overcome evil in ourselves and in our world.  So indeed this is a “Happy” season in which we accomplish in simple and profound ways with the help of God the transformation of ourselves and our world.
    Next week and for the rest of the season we will offer several opportunities for communal spiritual growth.  On Wednesdays at St. Michael and Thursday’s at St. Francis Xavier there is the opportunity to attend the holy Mass followed by Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.  During this time for adoration of the Lord Jesus present in the Holy Eucharist, the sacrament of Reconciliation will be offered.  We then will close with Benediction.  All will take place in Church and is a way of sacrificing our valuable time in worship of the Lord who gives us life.  During this time there should at least be one or more people in Church as the Eucharist is exposed.  There is a sign up sheet  for whatever time you can give on the small table by the altar area.  The times for these services are posted in this bulletin and a the doors of the Church.
    On the Fridays of Lent we will be offering the traditional devotion of “The Way of the Cross” or “The Stations.”  We make holy our Lent by remembering and walking with Jesus as He offered Himself for each of us.
    While our Friday Fish Fry dinners are not necessarily a spiritual exercise they do offer opportunities for foster community fellowship. 

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Faith Formation


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  St. Francis, Henryville                                                        St. Michael, Charlestown

                        Our Catholic Cemeteries

                            We are very proud of our cemeteries. 
                            Through them we remember and reverence                                those who have gone before us in faith.
                            Check below for detailed info on both of                                    our cemeteries.

                                               St. Michael - Word - PDF

                                   St. Francis - Word - PDF

"You saw how the Lord, your God carried you, as a parent carries his child, all along your journey until you arrived at this place"  Deuteronomy 1,31

Welcome To St. Michael & St. Francis Catholic Parishes In Northern Clark County!

For a 150 years the people of St. Michael & St Francis have celebrated the presence of God in the towns and rural community of norther Clark County.  We are a pilgrim people guided by the proclamation of the Scriptures and strengthend by the grace of God in the Eucharist. We welcome new members through the Sacraments of Baptism, First Eucharist, and Confirmation.  We seek reconciliation with all through the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  We ask God's blessings upon those who commit themselves in the Sacrament of Marriage.  We celebrate God's presence in both Word and Sacrament.

Jesus taught us a message of forgiveness.  And so, we seek an openess to the grace of reconciliation.  Part of the "Good News" is that we don't have to burden ourselves with hatred and resentment.  Through the Spirit of the Risen Jesus it is possible to move beyond bitterness and exclusion of others.  With the grace of the Holy Spirit we can find God's presence in every human being.

An authentic spiritual journey is more than just prayer.  It also includes action.  As Jesus chose to be a servant of all, we seek to serve our community.  Through programs of outreach and participation in community activities we try to give credibility to our faith.  We are not yet Saints in heaven.  We are sinners seeking the grace and guidance of God. 

We hope that this webiste will be an aid to all the people of our community.  May it be an aid to your own journey of faith.

Fr. Harry Tully, Pastor , St. Michael & St. Francis
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St. Michael    St. Francis
To be reimbursed for expense, please fill out a voucher form and attach your receipts.  Then return both to the parish office.